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Our story

Hello and welcome to vegetarian and vegan life. My name is Simon and I’m the one on the left of the picture above, together with my good friend and vegan Yangfa.  I’ve been a vegetarian and part-time vegan for over 30 years now and firmly believe that vegetarianism and veganism can revolutionise our world in so many different ways, from reducing pollution to feeding the world’s hungry. I also believe that the violence we show to animals has a direct influence on the violence we show to our fellow human beings.

Normalising violence toward other creatures somehow, in my opinion, allows our minds, either conciously or subconciously, to more readily accept the everyday violence committed on our streets or on the battlefield. I would like to think that by encouraging others to a more kinder, gentler and more compassionate way of life we are all doing our big to leave this world a better place than when we found it, showing future generations that it is not our right to exploit other living creatures for our own selfish ambitions.  

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